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We are entrepreneurs, you and I. 

We have been on the journey; are on the journey.  For a true entrepreneur the journey never ends. 

We are the drivers of enterprise.  We are the moneymakers, the job creators, the industry disrupters.  We are the innovators and the risk-takers.  We carve a path where no one else can imagine one.


PWW Ventures is a boutique brand incubation agency consultancy with a simple, ambitious objective: to facilitate fellow entrepreneurs in building the global corporations of tomorrow. 

The PWW team know what it takes to get a business off the ground; to take a great idea, build a commercial structure around it, pitch it to investors and turn it into a scalable corporate venture.  We have done it ourselves, many times over.

We have experienced the hurdles and frustrations of starting a business from scratch.  And this has fuelled our desire to help others to avoid the pitfalls of a fledgling enterprise.

Our three-stage process and dedicated team will give you the tools and support to take your business idea from start-up to viable and scalable commercial entity, to get your product or service to market, profitably.


Some start-ups come to us with nothing more than an outline idea.  Others have a fully costed 5-year plan.  The rest are somewhere in between.  During Inception, we will assist and direct you through the rigorous investigation of your concept and market, so you are fully prepared to take advantage of opportunities and, equally, to deal with threats and complications which, inevitably can arise in business. 


During Incubation our team will support you in building a commercial structure for your business, developing a 3-5 year strategy with financial forecasts and cultivating the creative elements of your brand and identity. 


Finally, we will help you get investment ready, with advice and guidance on how to pitch to investors.  We’ll also introduce you to our partner, Thrive Funding, a member of the UK Crowdfunding Association, to assist you in exploring your options in raising your growth capital.




PWW Ventures identifies fledgling businesses that with the correct support and funding are primed for growth.  We take time to get to know the team behind the idea.  We assist you to rigorously analyse the market you are entering and your own operations and financial viability.  And, if it passes our test, we help your team to get your business ready to raise the capital needed to take your idea to the next level.

We have taken the time to develop a comprehensive three-stage process through which we take each prospect that comes through our door.



However advanced your initial concept, during Inception we will help you to investigate and test your model, putting you through our due diligence process to ensure that you fully understand your market and the opportunities and threats that you may face further down the line. 

We specialise in advising companies in the sectors of Media, Technology, Fintech, Lifestyle and Renewable Energy.



Our consultancy will help you to build a commercial structure to further your concept and to use your due diligence data to construct a detailed financial plan for the short to medium term.  The structure behind your idea is as important as the idea itself.

We’ll help you develop your brand and the creative elements of your corporate identity to scale up your vision in preparation for raising your seed round.



The last step in our process is to get you investment-ready, with advice and guidance on how and what to pitch to investors.  And if you are ready, we will introduce you to our partner, Thrive Funding, a member of the UK Crowdfunding Association to assist you in exploring your fundraising options.





Tom Bingham – Co-Founder

Tom has over 15 years’ experience in brand communication and development for an impressive client list that has included Google, Universal, Coca Cola and The Discovery Channel.

He is a seasoned entrepreneur with a talent for inspiring even the most determined skeptic, be they a client, employee or friend, to believe something significant can be achieved by working together.

Tom started his first company, Meteor Video Services Limited, on leaving school, cutting his teeth in every area of the business from marketing and financials to event stand construction, making sure he knew every element needed to make it a success.  And it was: he worked with some of the world’s largest brands, culminating in the successful sale of the business as part of a group in 2006 to a NASDAQ-listed company. 

Over the years he has used his expertise and experience to help build and launch numerous companies across a range of industry sectors from Renewable Energy to Social Media apps to Filmmaking.


Liam Ray – Co-Founder

Liam has an eye for an exciting start-up and gets hugely inspired by the stories of people who have sacrificed everything to turn a great idea into a viable business.  His strengths lie in fundraising, business strategy consultation and management of early-stage companies.

Motivated by his frustration at seeing banks and other conventional financial institutions starving these businesses of capital, he and Tom decided there was an important gap in the market for assisting new businesses to get their ideas off the ground in a meaningful way. 

Through PWW Ventures, Liam is changing this, one prospect at a time. 


Maciej Dziedziela – CTO

 After working for 13 years in large global enterprise companies (Compaq Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Avanade and Expedia Corp.), his specialties are real time analytics, cloud enterprise platforms, user behavioural patterns, mobile apps and artificial intelligence algorithms.  He was also Head of Development and part of the Digital Strategy Group for Pottermore, the J.K Rowling platform (, with more than 16 million users and 120 million page views per month (1 billion page views in the first 2 weeks of launch.

Maciej now leads the development of complex platforms for businesses where performance, scalability, security, analytics and artificial intelligence are part of their core offering and his experience in this arena makes him an invaluable advisor to the PWW Ventures board.



Success Stories


FutureFuel is a UK-based company in the renewable energy sector, specialising in waste to energy solutions with a strong passion to help create a better tomorrow for future generations, by improving the way in which electricty is generated and the planet’s resources utilised.



For todays on-demand society Dispatch is the mobile app for everything your require in London. Tell us what you need and our Dispatcher will go to the store purchase and deliver the product direct to your door.


Arion Racing

Arion Racing are a successful Racehorse Ownership Club, working in partnership with highly esteemed trainer Jessica Harrington. All Arion Racing horses are trained at Jessica’s Commonstown Stables yard in Ireland.

Arion have established a reputation within the industry for their integrity and excellent owner communication, making everyone feel they are the sole owner of their racehorse.


Banana Films

Banana Films work with aspiring and enthusiastic creative talent from the film industry, helping them realise their ambition by working within an environment that allows them to write, film, edit and produce commercial content.




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We love exploring all aspects of business and firmly believe that no idea can be a bad idea. No matter what stage your at in your enterprise, we will happily listen to your ideas, and give you our 'no nonsense' thoughts and best steps forward. Get in touch below and we'll come back to you straight away.